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Prove your talent

“Raftmens´ certificate”


The program for active groups - here you can prove your rafting talent!

Various competitions around timber rafting are fun and give an insight into the life of earlier generations and the hard - but also sometimes funny - life of wood rafters.
In groups you will complete various stations where, under the guidance of our wood raft masters, you will, for example, sapple wood, forge staves, cook "Sterz", etc. Of course, the self-cooked Sterz is then eaten together, non-alcoholic drinks (apple juice, mineral) are included in the price. After the successful completion of the competition, there will be an award ceremony with the presentation of the rafting certificate and small prizes for the winner teams.

Duration approx. 2 hours

From 20 persons

Cook together, eat together

From 20 persons



Under 20 persons


/group flat rate


“Raftsmens` certificate” and Wood Raft trip

"Raftmen´s certificate", then either

  • lunch at an inn, then trip on the wooden raft with snack
  • or trip on the wooden raft with barbecue

Beer, wine and various non-alcoholic drinks are charged according to consumption.
Award ceremony during the wood raft trip or afterwards on the terrace.

Raftmen´s certificate and wood raft trip with snack
Lunch at an inn in Großraming
Duration approx. 7,5 - 8 hours

From 20 persons

From 20 persons


/person plus lunch

From 50 persons


/person plus lunch

Raftmen´s certificate and wood raft trip with barbecue
Duration approx. 5,5 - 6 hours

From 20 persons

From 20 persons


/person incl. barbecue

From 50 persons


/person incl. barbecue

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